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Gibson Les Paul Artist 1980 - 80220569


 The Les Paul Artist actually has two circuit boards which are installed under a large control plate on the back of the Les Paul Artist model (see photos). There is also a separate control plate for the 9 volt battery placement. Because of the size of the circuit boards, a large amount of wood had to be removed from the back of the Les Paul. Despite this removal of wood, the Les Paul Artists are heavy guitars. The two Artists featured in the photos accompanying this article are 10 lbs. 5 oz. And 10 lbs. 2 oz., respectively

  The Les Paul Artist is a handsome guitar with some very unique features besides the Moog circuit board and active electronics. All Artists were made in Nashville. The Artist has a unique peghead logo with the letters "LP" in script style, a gold truss rod cover with the "Les Paul Artist" inscription, brass nut, TP-6 fine tuning tailpiece,gold hardware, two potted gold plated Gibson Humbucking pickups, five piece laminated maple neck with volute, a bass, treble, and one master volume pot, brass nut, new design "scarfed" cutaway back, black speed knobs, gold jack plate, Nashville bridge, block fingerboard inlays, multi-ply binding on the top of the body, neck, and peghead, and three mini-toggle switches for compression, expansion, and brightness. The tone controls are active, with a notch in the midway ("0") position. With the tone controls at this mid-point, the sound of the Artist is close to a traditional Les Paul tone. The tone controls below this mid position (selections numbered 1-5) or above mid position (also numbered 1-5) actively "cut" or "boost" the tone, respectively. The active circuitry is enabled (and battery drain occurs) when a cord is plugged into the guitar's phone jack.


 Colors for the Artist   were Antique Fireburst, Antique Sunburst, or Ebony finish. The Fireburst is a   three-color sunburst (similar to modern day "Tri-Burst" Les Pauls).   The photos of the two Artists with this article include one in Fireburst and   one in Ebony. The Ebony Artist is in mint, unplayed condition with all dealer   tags and warranty card and is still wearing its protective covering on the   pickguard.


The craftsmanship of the   Artist model was outstanding, with excellent fit, finish, and attention to   detail.


The Artist is a unique   sounding guitar, with many tonal variations. With the tone controls in the   "boost" position, the guitar takes on a unique tone that seems   suited for jazz or chord work with shimmering arpeggios. It can be shaped to   sound very "Fender-esque" or very dark and woody with the adjustment   of the tone controls and switches. The compression feature greatly increases   the volume of the guitar in addition to working like a normal outboard   compressor. The neck is of medium thickness and is very comfortable to play.   The guitar is slightly neck heavy in design due to the removal of wood for   the active electronics and the Custom-style (large) peghead.


The   Les Paul Artist is another unique and special guitar in the history of Gibson   Les Paul models, and is sought by collectors and players looking for   something different in the Les Paul family.


Ho scelto parte di quasto articolo perchè bene spiega che chitarra è quella di cui stiamo parlando. Personalmente possiedo circa 40 chitarre ma quando suono mi capita spessissimo di scegliere questo strumento anche se pesa molto. Me la sento addosso e riesco a compiere dei passaggi che non mi riescono così agevoli con le altre, comprese altre Les Paul che sono nella mia collezione. Quando suono con l ‘Artist mi sento il migliore. Forse è una questione d’ Amore.

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